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Treatment for dry skin

Treatment for dry skin

Dry skin from dehydration (lack of drinking water), dry weather, medications, hormonal fluctuations, heredity, or overuse of products can deficiency be uncomfortable. Dry skin can feel tight, itchy, bumpy, and itchy. Not to mention appear dull and ashy.  As a popular celebrity clinical esthetician working with many recognizable faces, we have some tips and tricks.


In clinic treatments

In the clinic we take dry skin very seriously. We will often suggest our patients do an intensive in clinic and at home regimen to achieve results. The most popular treatment for dry skin is Diamond tip microdermabrasion. Diamond tip microdermabrasion gently removed the outer most layer of the skin using a vacuum and diamond tip devise to resurface the skin. Also using a light hydrating chemical peel such as Lactic acid or pumpkin which is derived from spoiled milk and a fermented pumpkin. The goal of doing a concentrated treatment for exfoliation is to remove the outer most layer of the skin so the moisturizers and hydrators can penetrate the skin. We also use a device that shakes the skin 1000x per second to jiggle the moisturizers and hydrators into deeper layers of the skin. Helping to improve the moisture levels. We suggest that for dry skin do this treatment every month until a dramatic difference is noticeable, then come in quarterly for maintenance. You can book your “ Dry Skin and Eczema Therapy’’ appointment online.  


At home treatments

  • Gently wash your face at least twice a day with a pumpkin or lactic acid based product. Stay away from cleansers that have surfactants as they can strip the skin of its natural oils.
  • Moisturize and hydrate the skin twice daily with products containing EGF, EMU, Hyaluronic acid. Layering your moisturizer and your hydrator can give more relief.
  • Use a facial scrub once a week on clean dry skin then apply your moisturizers and hydrators
  • Use warm water not hot water hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils.
  • Drink half your body weight in oz of water daily, stay away from high sugary food, caffeine, alcohol, salty food, processed foods and dairy.
  • Use a humidifier in your bedroom when sleep and at work to keep moisture in the air
  • Take your vitamins such as Vit D, Fish oils, probiotics, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid



Working on your skin both inside and out to help with dry skin and eczema is a task that you can manage now that you know these celebrity tricks and tips. Remember to stay consistent and you will achieve your goal of healing your dry skin.