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As we continue understanding and creating more and innovative skincare tools and devises one of the oldest and most effective treatment devices is the Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that removes the outer layer of the skin. It was developed in 1985 by dermatologists in Italy and was adopted in the United States about 10 years later. The practice of scraping the surface of the skin to improve its appearance and health has its origins in ancient Egypt, where doctors would use sandpaper to smooth the appearance of scars. Even the ancient Egyptians want beautiful glowing skin.


 Fast for to now post COVID pandemic our skin goals of beautiful, clear glowing skin are still present. In Atlanta because of the hot sticky weather in the summertime your skin can feel oily. The oiliness can lead to acne which then can leave scars. In the Atlanta winters, the cold and bitterness can leave the skin feeling dry like sandpaper.

Microdermabrasion is an excellent remedy to help resolve your skin issues the benefits can include:

Reduce wrinkles

Reduce pore size

Vanish brown spots

Reduce acne scars

Resurface the skin

Smooth ingrown hairs,,,,, and much more.

 How do you know if microdermabrasion will work for you?

Microdermabrasion is good for all skin and tones. The is except thin skin, melasma, people who are extremely sensitive to touch, severe acne, eczema.

How many treatments will you need to see the difference after microdermabrasion?

Generally, you will notice a change in your skin after each microdermabrasion session. The session will take about an hour to complete. The more sessions you do the more results you will achieve with your skin. We recommend do 4-6 sessions to get more dramatic results. At Beauty Loft Spa we have packages available and financing if needed.


What happens after microdermabrasion?

After your session we recommend you wait until the following day to wash your face. Use a gentle wash and a noncomedogenic moisturizer and SPF for 5-7 days then after your microdermabrasion session then resume your regular skin care regimen. During this time, you may experience flaking, peeling, redness, slight irritation it usually goes away within a few days.


Can you wear make up after a microdermabrasion?

Don’t apply make up on the same day as microdermabrasion,,,,,especially foundation. Foundation can reclog the pores we just worked on. You can apply foundation the 1-2 days after microdermabrasion with a cleaned sponge or brush.


Can you shave before or after microdermabrasion?

Wait and shave 2-3 days after you shave it will allow any ingrown hairs to be unclogged and will help you to get a smoother look to your shave.


How often do you need to do microdermabrasion?

We recommend every 4 weeks. 

These are just a few questions and answers most of our patients are curious about. We hope we have helped clear up a few things about microdermabrasion. Any further questions please feel free to reach out to us we would love to help. See you soon for your skin journey.